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About Cris Dush

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Cris Dush is a native of Brookville. He graduated Brookville Area High School in 1979 and attended Clarion State College until enlisting in the Air Force as a Law Enforcement Specialist. He served at Dover Air Force Base, Delaware (where he met his wife Traci) Royal Air Force Base Mildenhall in the United Kingdom and Vandenberg Air Force Base, California. He held positions as a Law Enforcement Patrolman, Flight Chief (Shift Leader), Hostage Negotiation Team Chief, Anti-Terrorism Program Manager and Resource Protection Technical Consultant to Defense and NASA contractors.


In 1990, Cris returned to Delaware and worked as an insurance fraud investigator in the New York to Washington D.C. corridor.


In 1995 the opportunity to return to the Brookville area opened with the opening of the State Correctional Institution at Houtzdale. Cris began his career in corrections in the Inmate Records office, conducting criminal background investigations on inmates departing state custody, reviewing, correcting and processing sentences and working with the courts on sentence issues.


When SCI Chester opened in 1998 and the Commonwealth was having difficulty finding personnel, Cris Dush was asked by the Director of the Bureau of Inmate Services to come down and take the position of Records Supervisor on a temporary basis so the Institution could be opened on time. Cris accepted, ensuring the facility could be opened on time.


In 2000 Cris Dush discovered the 193d Special Operations Wing of the Pennsylvania Air National Guard in Middletown, Pa. and enlisted as a Security Forces member. He continues serving as a Senior NCO, having served in Operations Iraqi Freedom, Noble Eagle and on the American border in New Mexico and has received numerous awards in the performance of his duties.


In 2004 he chose to go into another uniform with the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections.


He served as a Corrections Officer until his retirement in January of this year.

Cris Dush has served the Commonwealth and this nation with a demonstrated understanding of what it is to be a servant of the public. This trait and his abilities have led to his being hand selected to positions above his rank in his career. They are the traits and abilities we need in Harrisburg.

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